To expand and utilize social science knowledge for engineering socio-economic transformation in the country  
       About A Journal Vol. 14

The Social Engineer
A Journal of International Perspective on Development

Reg. No. 52453/92                                                 Vol. 14 No. 1-2 Jan.-July, 2013


04. About Assert


05. Editors' Note


07. Challenges for Inclusion : Sexual Exploitation and       Trafficking of Girls and Women in Canada, Britain, India,       Nepal and the Philippines

— Christopher Bagley

— Padam Simkhada

17. Conflict Management Style : Do Approach to Time       Management Personality and Gender Matters?

— Arif Hassan
— Nirmala Singh

27. Culture, Pedagogy and Action Research : An Approach

— Chandra B P Singh

33. Acculturation Attitudes, Perception of the Host Group and       Relational Outcomes : A Study of Indians in Paris

— Jyoti Verma

43. Secondary Education Greek Philologists as Adult Learners       on ICT Hellenic Open University

— Stavroula Tsoutsa
— Katerina Kedraka
— Adamantios Papastamatis

57. A Profile of Indian Parents’ and Adolescents’ Discrepant       Mindset

— Vinita Narain

69. Educational Management : Strategic Planning Enhancing       and Developing Academic and Professional Practice in       Education Establishment

— Nevel Vassel

77. Special Initiatives of National Literacy Mission for Women       Empowerment Through SHGs Skill Development and
      Literacy for Women Specially Panchayat Representatives       in Bihar

— Anjuwala

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