To expand and utilize social science knowledge for engineering socio-economic transformation in the country  
    On Going Projects

Senior Fellowship to work on “Psychological Intervention for Facilitating Inclusive Human Development” is sponsored by ICSSR, New Delhi, Prof T. N. Sinha is doing the study.
The Inner World of Adolescents: This research aims to explore the inner world of adolescents in the changing socio-economic and cultural scenario. Sponsored by ICSSR, New Delhi, Dr. Shruti Narain is doing the study.
Cultural Context Sensitivity as a Source of Discrepant Behaviour: The purpose is to observe the behavior of the individual in different situations. Individuals generally behave differently with different people, place and time. Sponsored by ICSSR, New Delhi, Dr. Vinita Narain is doing the study
4. Low Transition Rate from Primary to Upper Primary School Children in Bihar: Diagnostic Study: A perusal of U-DISE (2014-15) gives rise to a pattern of low transition rate (from primary to upper primary) in a few districts of Bihar.
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