To expand and utilize social science knowledge for engineering socio-economic transformation in the country  
    Completed Projects

Human Factors of Entrepreneurship Effectiveness:-The study identified entrepreneurs’ personality, knowledge, social skill, attitudes and values and above all manipulative capacity for effectively running of their enterprises. 
The Cultural Context of Health and Healing:- To understand how people conceptualalize their health and decide about healing practices. An inventory of over 2600 indigenous medicines and home cures for 11 clusters of 78 diseases was prepared.
Cross-Cultural Study on individualism and collectivism in India, Hong Kong, Netherland and USA
Experimental Investigation of Negotiation Skill Across Cultural: How people negotiate their social and economic issues in order to resolve or minimize conflicts.
Strengthening of Voluntary Organizations in Bihar:- An inventory of effective and not so effective Vos was prepared.
Work Culture in Medium Size Organization of Bihar:-To find the ways to develop human resources in medium size industrial organization.
Resource Teachers Identification:- UNICEF funded projects for identifying resource teachers for pedagogical improvement of primary education.
A study of Elementary Schools of Patna:- Surveyed the present status of Elementary Schools of Patna to suggest the areas where the improvement is needed most.
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