To expand and utilize social science knowledge for engineering socio-economic transformation in the country  
       About Assert

Founded by a group of social scientists, Association for Social Engineering, Research & Training (ASSERT) represents a variety of areas and skills, strives towards expanding and utilizing social science knowledge for engineering human resource leading to socio-economic development.
About two and a half decade back, they (social scientists) began reflecting upon what they have been doing so far in respect of people’s problems and social crisis. They were conscious of the slow rate of development marked with regional imbalance, decreasing harmony and growing intolerance in the society, decay in its vital institutions, sickness in work organizations and above all, people’s loss of faith in the system.

   There was a phase of hesitation and soul searching but finally they resolved to expand their roles to go beyond the boundaries of their respective disciplines and form ASSERT. The philosophy  is not to turn into social workers  but to serve as a link between social sciences and our societies, to expand the knowledge base and to bring it to all those who can use it for engineering socio-economic transformation.

   The nucleus of social scientists, who was primarily teachers and researchers, established in their respective fields, soon attracted others - managers, social workers, scholars, bureaucrats and technocrats sharing the mission. ASSERT, has now about 50 members not only from Bihar, but also from other parts of the country and abroad.

   ASSERT offers services in research, evaluation, training, monitoring, counseling and testing in the areas of management, health, education, rural development, women’s empowerment, family and child care.

ASSERT have two functioned wings:


Assert Institute of Management Studies (AIMS) provides highly innovative short term courses, training, research, evaluation, seminar, workshop, consultancy etc.


Assert Centre for Counseling and Testing Services (ACCTS) has facilities for family and marital counseling, testing and guidance to children, individual and group therapy.

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